SUNSEEKER Launches the Robot Mower L22 Series - The World’sQuietest Lawn Mower

This text has been updated May 22, 2018.

Specifically Designed for the American Yard, the SUNSEEKER Robot Mower Re-imagines Lawn Care Automation with Unparalleled Innovation and Cutting-Edge Technology

INDIAN   TRAIL,   NORTH   CAROLINA,   USA,   September   26,   2023/ -- SUNSEEKER US, Inc. is proud to announce the release ofits latest innovation, set to revolutionize traditional lawn care methods for millions of Americans, providing homeowners and commercial users with a next-gen lawn maintenance experience.

Introducing the SUNSEEKER Robot Mower L22 & L22 PLUS, the world’s quietest robotic lawn mower featuring intelligent mapping, smart obstacle avoidance, float cutting, and more.

Lower than 52dBA Noise

Unlike any other product of its kind, the ultra-quiet SUNSEEKER robot mowerproduces less than 52 decibels of noise when in use, the equivalent ofrefrigerator or white noise - making it the quietest lawn mower in the world. Homeowners can forget about disturbing family or neighbors and even mowtheir lawn in the evening or early in the morning due to the near-silent blades.

Revolutionizes lawn care automation throughintelligent mapping

The SUNSEEKER robot mower revolutionizes lawn care automation through intelligent mapping, enabling users to effortlessly set schedules, boundaries,and parameters directly from their smartphone app. Its user-friendly interface empowers homeowners to control and program the robot mower with a singletouch, allowing it to learn and maintain precise garden boundaries for an evenand immaculate cut.

Ultrasonicobstacle avoidance to detect

The SUNSEEKER Robot Mower L22 & L22 PLUS also features built-in ultrasonicobstacle avoidance to detect and avoid all obstacles without physical touch,therefore preventing any damage to the lawn, garden, or any valuables. Thiscutting-edge technology teaches the robot mower to navigate the yard,anticipating objects to prevent collisions before they happen.

Float-cutting Technology

Should a home have any uneven lawn or terrain, the SUNSEEKER Robot Mower L22 & L22 PLUS is strategically built to navigate any surface with easeand precision thanks to their float cutting. The new float cutting system features 3 razor-sharp blades delivering a cutting width of 8.7 inches, and an adjustable dial designed to switch the blades between a cutting height of 1.6to 3.2 inches. This new and unique float-cutting deck allows the SUNSEEKER robot mower to automatically adapt blade height to the natural unevenness ofmost lawns and prevents the mower from getting stuck. Additionally, the premium anti-slip wheels permit the robot mower to climb up to a 20-degree incline while maintaining an even now.

Other benefits of the lawnmower

Compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home devices, the SUNSEEKER Robot Mower L22 & L22 PLUS is a simple and seamless addition to automating home processes without any manual labor. Safer and lower to the ground thanany other robotic mower on the market, the SUNSEEKER robot mower is equipped with an auto-stop feature to immediately halt when lifted, flipped,tilted, or senses a collision

Grass clippings from the robot mower are beautifully and sustainably directed back onto the lawn to enrich the soil with nutrients, resulting in a greener, healthier yard, and producing no waste. Easy to clean, and equipped with auto-charging and rain sensors, the SUNSEEKER robot mower is designed torun on its own, revolutionizing lawn care automation for the American yard.

EVP & GM of North American Operations, Justin Novosel, expressed hisenthusiasm for the SUNSEEKER robot mower launch, stating, "The launch ofthe SUNSEEKER robot mower signifies a major milestone for our company, reflecting our dedication to technological innovation and delivering advanced lawn care solutions. We are confident that this revolutionary product willexceed expectations and set a new industry standard."

Through   proof   of   concept,   dedication   to   innovation,   and   unwavering commitment to quality, SUNSEEKER US, Inc. purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the launch of the Robot Mower L22 & L22 PLUS.


SUNSEEKER US, Inc. is founded in 2009, it is a world-leading manufacturer ofoutdoor   power   equipment,   specializing   in   the   research,   development, manufacturing, and sales of lithium battery-powered garden tools, roboticlawn mowers, and petrol engine powered garden tools.The new launched L22 series robot mower will revolutionize traditional lawncare methods and provide homeowners and commercial users with a smarterand more efficient  lawn maintenance experience, set a new industry standardfor quality, precision, and purpose to reimagine the American yard.